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By: Cyn | September 09, 2016

As we approach our third issue, the style and scope of the magazine is becoming more refined. When we first started, we knew we wanted micro-works. But that was it. Fiction and nonfiction 500 words or less. But now that we're getting into the groove, so to speak, we have a clearer vision of what we want Starwheel to be.

We want literary slice of life pieces. They can be vignettes, character sketches, or micro-fiction/nonfiction. We want short poetry. We favor poems that are one to three stanzas long or one to two sentences long. We want simple black and white photographs or sketched art. We want one-page comics (multiple panels are fine) and one-page illustrated stories or poems. If there is a theme, make sure some aspect of the theme is present in your work. We hope for works that have some weird or speculative element but it isn't necessary. We want uplifting and thought-provoking pieces. That doesn't mean downers won't be accepted, but the selling point would be what kind of impact it has.

Right now we can only offer a small token payment of $2.00 per poem, $3.oo per fiction or nonfiction piece, $3.00 for art & photography, and $6.00 for a one-page illustrated story or comic.

We publish online and in print.

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By: Cyn | September 09, 2016

Cover by W. Jack Savage

We are open for submissions for Starwheel 3. We seek micro-fiction, micro-nonfiction, short poetry, art, and photography. Click here to submit micro-fiction, micro-nonfiction, and poetry. Submissions for this issue close November 10 or when filled. The theme is the Fall and Holiday Season.

We are hoping for weird, speculative, or literary slice of life pieces that are uplifting and thought provoking. The story must contain some aspect of the fall and holiday season: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.

For this issue, we are offering a token pay of $2.00 per poem and $3.00 per fiction or nonfiction piece.

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Here is the print cover:

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